Graptophyllum Pictum 
Graptophyllum Pictum 
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Graptophyllum Pictum 

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Graptophyllum Pictum  - Kokedama


Also known as the 'Caricature Plant', this tropical shrub is easy growing under flexible lighting. 

Plant may not be the exact one shown in the photos. Each has its own unique shape. 

Medium Saucers as shown in photo can be purchased separately.

Gift wrapping is also available by purchasing a Bojagi Wrap.


Height varies between 9-13"


Light: Medium to full indirect light or direct light partial day indoors.


Water by soaking the moss ball in water until it is moist throughout.

After soaking, place onto a dish to allow excess water to drain off.

How to know when to water:

-When the moss feels dry to the touch and the moss ball is light indicating the water had evaporated.

-When the moss is both dry and the leaves are drooping this is a sign that it needs more water.

Feel free to mist as needed for added humidity. 


The roots of each kokedama arrangement have been surrounded in hand mixed kokedama soil and wrapped in moss. 

This arrangement should be sustainable in its moss ball for up to a year.

Should you decide to re-pot the plant into a traditional planter, you may cut the strings, unwrap the moss and repot the plant into a planter using new potting soil.